Wingstop Flavor Invasion: 14…

Who doesn’t like Chicken wings? I know I do. There’s undeniably great flavor beyond minimal chicken meat you get out of a chicken wing. I … Continue Reading

AVEENO® has Finally Arrived!

It is no longer a question if you are a member of that membership shopping store or not, because Johnson & Johnson Philippines has just … Continue Reading


“I am Confident, I am Driven, I am Exceptional, I am Strong, I am Beautiful, I am SM Woman.” This was SM Woman’s campaign message … Continue Reading

My Recent Skin Care…

If you have read my past beauty blog entries, you may have already noticed how I keep stressing about the importance of skin care. I … Continue Reading

My Shinagawa Aesthetics’ Face…

If you haven’t already noticed, I have always been the type girl who likes looking good. I guess it’s safe to say I like taking … Continue Reading

Why It Is Okay…

“Time heals all wounds.” That’s what they always say. Such a complete cliche, noh? So cliche that it actually gives me some feeling of dismay. … Continue Reading

I love everything about nude lipsticks. I go bonkers and hoard on them the second I get my monthly salary. There’s always a certain amount I allot for my lipstick hauls every month. You see, the lovely thing about nude lipsticks is the fact that it is very wearable. You can wear a light nude- … Continue Reading

Our minds are powerful- at least, that’s what they all say. When you try to read and research your way through finding motivational and energy-pumping thoughts to keep you going, you will one way or another, find this cliche written somewhere. Do you ever get tired? Really exhausted? Tired of what you’re doing, no matter … Continue Reading

It has been 2 weeks ago since BEVI, the manufacturer of the country’s favorite skin-lightening product, Kojiesan, celebrated their 10 fruitful years in the industry. The celebration left me in awe as it was extravagantly well-thought of and prepared for. It was not only a night of sharing about Kojiesan’s real brand standing in the … Continue Reading

It hasn’t been long since I received a package from Althea (who had just recently celebrated their 1st birthday with a bang)! Contests and loads of amazing prizes were given away! For those who haven’t read my article about Althea, you can still do so by clicking here. Althea is an online beauty shopping platform that … Continue Reading

I am infamous for changing my hair color as quick as you decide your feelings have changed. Haha! I’ve always fancied beautifully colored hair- never worrying about what my hair will turn into. Although there’s that little bug that keeps going in and out my mind if my hair’s health is still actually on point. See, I … Continue Reading

Penshoppe has done it again- brought the house down at Conrad Hotel’s Forbes Ballroom where they officially launched their much awaited Pre-Holiday Collection 2016 just a few weeks ago. Gracing the event was social media’s favorite male model, Lucky Blue Smith. This 18-year old six-foot-two-inch, platinum blonde hotness skyrocketed to fame globally, especially on social media, with netizens … Continue Reading

Okay, let me get one thing straight in here this early. If you’re reading this, you must be sure you’re here too for the meat. See, ever since I got to dine in at the famous “House of Wagyu”, my standards for meat has become relentlessly high. I still dine at different meat shops, restaurants, sure. … Continue Reading

Ever wonder why your skin gets dull after summer? Truth is, getting our skin armed and prepared for the kind of weather we have here in the Philippines is just as important as working on our summer ready bodies. In fact, even now that the summer weather has already come to an end, it is … Continue Reading