I haven’t published any entry on my ‘life lately’ series for months.  It’s crazy to realize only now that I am actually more inspired to write when things aren’t doing well. Just scanning through my old blog entries, I remember the exact instances that pushed me to write each one of them and most of … Continue Reading

If there’s one thing I find difficult about makeup shopping, it is popping into Sephora for one item and ONE ITEM ONLY, and then the next thing I know, my cart is full. So, I popped into the Sephora store in Santawa Row 2 months ago during a free day I had when I was … Continue Reading

I have lived in the Philippines my whole life, and the definition of a city to me was Makati or BGC. (Lol) But this.. this was so much more, way more than I have ever seen in movies and read in books. It felt real. When coming from Virginia Beach and from an already non-stop travel … Continue Reading

In light of face masks’ rise to fame, I thought it’d be fun to spare a month to myself just experimenting and trying different face mask brands and products. You see I’ve been a face mask user for as long as I can remember. Thing is, I haven’t really found the one… until I was … Continue Reading

I’ve recently expressed my fondness for wearing zero foundation on a daily basis all over my social media pages. However, though, it doesn’t necessarily mean I am totally trashing all my foundation gems in my makeup arsenal. I still fancy makeup very much and while I believe in using less on the daily, I still … Continue Reading

Just a few weeks back, I had the honour of visiting Shanghai, China. I went with 9 other equally amazing women who share the same beliefs and interests when it comes to beauty and self care. Apart from it being my very first time to see China, the fact that this trip was made possible … Continue Reading

Hi, Yes. I know. I’ve been away for quite a while. How are you? I hope you land on this new blog post under great life circumstances. I have been well, but have been pretty preoccupied with a lot of things. I moved out from my family home. FINALLY! After 26 long years, I was finally … Continue Reading

The New Years is a time when people reflect and plan. It’s a time when people re-evaluate themselves and their priorities. Some even go as far as reinventing themselves. Tonight at midnight, our social media feeds will be grossly flooded with “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” posts as this is the only day that has the … Continue Reading

Alright babes, let’s keep this straight and simple. We are awfully nearing the Holidays and time doesn’t seem to be such of a friend to most of us. Time flies when you’re grinding away every single day! I age just like the rest of you and this month of December isn’t helping with all the … Continue Reading

I haven’t been giving proper attention to my health and body recently. Truth be told, it has been 9 months since I last did a proper workout or a sport. I guess I have been too consumed about so many other things in my personal & work life… Looking back, I can see how my … Continue Reading