What Keeps You Going?…

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My Shinagawa Aesthetics’ Face…

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Cafe Racer: Feast on…

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If there is one thing we cannot deny about the Kim K., it is that her selfies are perfectly lit. She has been seen sporting LUMEE cases for her Iphone for quite a long time now. She could be paid to flaunt it and use it and love it, nevertheless, her onslaught of fresh looking … Continue Reading

I’ve always been the type of woman who is literally obsessed with what I put and use on my skin. I am 25 years old- turning 26 late this year. (Am i now considered as one of those in their late 20s? Can I cry?) Although that may sound too young to most people, I … Continue Reading

This is going to get a little emotional. You see, the very reason this article is being written this very moment is because I feel like the world has so many wrong notions of the way women’s actions are perceived by a majority of men. I should know, because I’ve been there one too many … Continue Reading

The month of March holds a great deal of my heart because this month marks my blog anniversary! It was the 8th of March last year that I officially launched Cosmic Being. It’s been one hellavu year, I must say. I started from writing about random things on my mind, it was just a hobby … Continue Reading

February is almost over. Can you believe that? Time seems to fly so fast these days. I never even notice how far we’ve all come this year already. I can’t even believe that it is now almost a year since I decided to leave the employee life. It all seems just yesterday when I was … Continue Reading

My latest beauty discovery, I would say, is very different this time- different in terms of affordability. You see, I’ve always never cared so much about beauty products’ hefty price tags as long as I actually get what I paid for. I’ve always believed that more often that not, beauty brands that are offered in … Continue Reading

I’ve been reviewing my blog the past weeks and have kept thinking for days what I could share next that would best be of help to many women. Getting down to business, I tried to read all my unread emails and noticed that one of the most common request I received and got to read … Continue Reading

First things first..  Since you’re already here, it is important that I make you aware why I made and finished this short travel vlog: I really do have an awful lot of blog backlogs. (LOL) So I thought I’d already start unloading my blog pending and start sharing them with y’all already! This is my … Continue Reading

Hello, everyone! How’s your January going so far? Mine has been pretty tight. I couldn’t sleep last night (AGAIN), my head won’t stop. How I wish it has an OFF switch. Around 3am last night, while I was tossing and turning and trying to find my sleepyhead around my bed, a thought came through my … Continue Reading

I have just been from a beach trip with my friends, so I thought why not share my beach essentials with you too! You see, it is evident- that from coast to coast all over the world, the beach is one of the most admired vacationlands not only for tourists, but also for locals. I, … Continue Reading