It’s a fact. Everything is so temporary. So fast and fleeting, from the breaths we take to time itself. The moments we futilely try to hold on to, the people we try so hard to keep, thoughts racing through our heads, emotions that are just so volatile. Maybe I’m the best position to talk about … Continue Reading

Beauty Hack: Face Primers

Hello cosmic beings! I know I have been MIA for weeks, but that’s because I’ve been busy coming up with a good line up of blogs for you, and of course, my new home page! I know I have mentioned this on my last blog, but it’ll only be a couple of days! It’ll be … Continue Reading

What’s next

Hello cosmic beings! As you see, I have been on a hiatus for almost two weeks now. This is because I have been prepping everything up for cosmic being’s new Home Page! I am so excited to show and present to you my new page!! 🙂 I promise it’s going to be gorgeous! Also, please … Continue Reading

Island Rose: Far more than just Flowers, far more than just Roses

Roses are probably, if not the most, the traditional universal expression and symbolism of love. Its usage has been present some 35 million years ago, and its cultivation has began about 5000 years back. It has played big roles throughout history across many different cultures, religions and political groups and dynasties. If you google it … Continue Reading

The Story Behind Cosmic Being

I have always wanted to write. It has always been my dream to be published. Back in my highschool years, I remember wanting so bad to be part of the school’s magazine, but I was caught up with playing volleyball for the school’s varsity team, and pursuing my presidency in the school’s dance club. When … Continue Reading

Double Standards

When you’re pretty and you don’t treat ugly people nicely, you’re called a bully. But when you’re ugly and you don’t treat beautiful people nicely, it’s alright, nobody loses their mind. When you’re thin and you throw shade on a fat person, you’re a meanie. But when you’re fat, and you throw foul comments to … Continue Reading

Cafe Racer: Feast on Vintage and Good Food

Okay, so before I start sharing to you about this awesome joint I was lucky enough to see and visit, can I just say that this is funny- me dedicating my first ever blog entry to food. Really! When I decided to put up this blog, I wanted it to be heavy on Fashion & … Continue Reading