Alright babes, let’s keep this straight and simple. We are awfully nearing the Holidays and time doesn’t seem to be such of a friend to most of us. Time flies when you’re grinding away every single day! I age just like the rest of you and this month of December isn’t helping with all the festivities it comes along with.

We all don’t really have the luxury of time here in the Philippines what with the horrendous traffic situation we face everyday, so instead of throwing you some belly workouts, I figure I could switch things up- at least for this very busy month for all of you!

Don’t worry about making drastic changes just yet. I am not one to go under the knife too!

I’m talking about few simple tricks and tweaks you can easily do that will help kiss your belly bloats away and flatten your tummy the easy, healthy way!

Here are 4 simple tricks I religiously do, most especially during months I have zero time to workout to maintain a flat belly!

Eat Slow.

I do not mean “eating slow” in the most literal sense here. I mean slowing down and enjoying the food. I make sure I chew on my food properly. I see to it I chew and bite them into the littlest possible size I can. This way, my stomach will find the food easier to digest.

I am not making this up!! Google it, you’ll see I’m talking scientific here!

There’s also more to eating slow than just making it easier for you stomach to digest. When you take the time to thoroughly eat your meal, it becomes awesomely more satisfying. You get to taste them better.

Also, you may have not just been noticing it, but eating slow will tend to make you eat less. Just take a look at those who eat fast, they tend to fill up their tummies with more food than they should and end up feeling too full and bloated.

Start eating slow today, you guys.

Pass on the ice.

I never drink ice water! I only drink warm, room temp and/or chilled. I always pass on the ice.

Warmer water helps detox the body better than cold water. It also helps with digestion! Cold water needs more energy from the body to warm up cool liquids and foods inside your body, hence taking longer time to adapt and digest.

 No Sodas.

I don’t understand why people like sodas. They all taste the same to me. It taste like sugar and fake flavoring. Plus, they have this particular weird fizz that gives gas to the stomach.

My friends tell me it helps relieve their bloats, but I think that’s only a band aid solution.

It does not really help with the bloat. In fact, it adds to it! Just imagine how much sugar there is in one can, it’s almost disgusting.

If you want to be relieved of a bloated tummy, get a cup of tea instead. That’s what I do and it works for me!

Give up the soda, trust me.

RF Cavitation.

I do RF Cavitation treatments to burn my fats and tone my problem areas (i.e my belly, legs). RF Cavitation treatments are non-surgical alternative for body slimming, toning and shaping through the use of radio-frequency technology.

I’ve been to various clinics in the past 2 years and my recent clinic discovery is hands down the best one I’ve ever had. Let me break it down to you why:

  1. This was by far, the fastest service I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t have to wait in line!

Skinoveau RF Cavitation

2. The clinic was squeaky clean. There were no unnecessary things inside my room. I had enough leg room for myself, my bag, etc.


3. The attendants on duty (both the receptionist and my specialist) were very friendly and helpful. They made sure I was comfortable.

4. All the clinics I went to before never gave me a long ass session. This was the only one that provided me real 30-40 minutes session. I feet like this one really gives their clients their deserved time.

5. The machine they have is different from the ones I’ve seen and tried before. This one is a lot more gentle and didn’t give me little prick-y feeling during the entire session. I even almost dozed off during my last session.

6. I had no parking problems too!! LOL.

Which clinic, you ask?

I’m talking about the Skinoveau branch in San Lorenzo Place, Chino Roces Makati. They have another branch in Ortigas, but that one’s too far for me. This new branch is my best bet! Check them out here.

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