Okay, so before I start sharing to you about this awesome joint I was lucky enough to see and visit, can I just say that this is funny- me dedicating my first ever blog entry to food. Really! When I decided to put up this blog, I wanted it to be heavy on Fashion & Beauty for the reason that it has always been my passion since I was a kid. But I guess, some things do change when you grow up, you know. Food excites you and makes you happy more than anything, and more than you would ever want to admit it. Haha!

So, I went to Cebu over the last weekend to join the annual Sinulog Festival and parade tradition. Of course, just as I was looking forward to the actual celebration, I was also on the lookout for a good food and a nice joint altogether. My days were awfully numbered because I had only allocated 2 nights, 2 days for my Cebu trip- because, you know, work- I gotta “adult”. I had been to Cebu countless times and this was my first time to visit Cafe Racer. I haven’t heard of a “Cafe Racer” before, so I assumed this was a new dining place, well, to me, at least.

Of course, me being so bad with directions, I don’t really know Cafe Racer’s address, but due to my research powers, I can now share with you that it is located along Ouano Avenue in Mandaue City, the landmark is a Jollibee store.

Picture an old and rusty western gasoline station and a diner we always get to see in the movies.. Done? There. That’s how it looks. Coming from the highway, Cafe Racer looks shitty abandoned but gives you a vibe that you would want to get in and stay.

Pic 1
Photo credits to Cafe Racer’s Facebook Account

When you get inside the property, you can see an outdoor dining area. If chilling outdoors while dining is sort of  your thing, the prepped up customized tables and chairs made out of gas containers and drums are welcoming enough for you to sit in on. They creatively used the front end of a vintage Beetle as their griller for their BBQs. Talk about awesome. I got to go to this place on an afternoon so I cannot really tell how cool it must look like at night. But by the looks of it during sunshine, the outdoors of Cafe Racer would make a good spot to enjoy your happy hour!

Pic 3
Photo credits to Cafe Racer’s Facebook Account
Pic 2
Photo credits to Cafe Racer’s Facebook Account

They also have a fully functioning car wash on the side. If you want to have your cars washed while you dine, you can certainly do so while chugging on beer and munching on burgers.

(Insert Photo 4 and 5)

Pic 5.jpg
Photo credits to Cafe Racer’s Facebook Account
Pic 4
Photo credits to Dwight Bayona

As you enter the cafe (Well, i’d like to call it diner), your eyes will immediately roam around the whole interior of the place. The cashier is a cutie teal painted Volkswagen camper van. The 50s-60s feel is all around the place. It is so impressive how this diner managed to achieve vintage design this good! From the tables and chairs, to the coziness of the wall designs, to the unbelievably creative usage of cars and motorbikes stuff. Even the wash area’s sinks are made of car transmissions, door signs are cut out car plates. This is probably the most ridiculous thing to say/write, but for the first time in forever, this is the only time I am willing to do a photoshoot in a comfort room.

Pic 6
Photo credits to Dwight Bayona
Pic 8.jpg
Photo credits to Dwight Bayona
Pic 7
Photo credits to Dwight Bayona

If you want to talk about food, I will not lie. It is good. I would say it is worth the money. Cafe Race offers burgers, steaks, pasta and pizza, and BBQ off  the grill eats. As for me, I love meat! So I ordered a tenderloin steak.

Pic 10 Pic 9

Photo credits to Dwight Bayona

Oh and before I forget, the servers are dressed in diner servers’ uniform like that of Two Broke Girls’ uniform. Wish I had taken a full body photo of the servers! Promise to do next time!

This is definitely a place to visit when in Cebu.

For now, I’ll let you enjoy the photos by yourself.

Cafe Racer is nothing short of an instagrammable joint!

Pic 13 Pic 11.jpg Pic 12.jpg Pic 14.jpg

Check them out on Facebook –> https://www.facebook.com/CafeRacerDinerCeb


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