How I Edit My Instagram Photos

The question I get asked most often is how I edit my Instagram photos, how I keep a feed like this. To be really honest, it took me sometime to decide if I was going to share about this. You see, when I started blogging, the bloggers I looked up to had already established the … Continue Reading

The First & Only Beauty Supplement I Religiously Took for a Month: Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen

Do you ever notice how women magazines approach their readers like we are already old, or at the very least, in dire need and under great responsibility to take care of our wrinkles and slow down our aging as soon as pube hits us? Men’s magazines, on the other hand, treat their readers, even the … Continue Reading

Sweet Connections

It may feel like sweet human connections don’t always seem to happen everyday. Seeking a way out of this normal mundane, monotonous life through finding sweet connections amongst other human beings we encounter daily could be dreading too. I think, “connection”, or “spark” as some of us would like to call it, happens almost always when … Continue Reading

Selfie Game Changer: Lumee Case Two from Beyond The Box

If there is one thing we cannot deny about the Kim K., it is that her selfies are perfectly lit. She has been seen sporting LUMEE cases for her Iphone for quite a long time now. She could be paid to flaunt it and use it and love it, nevertheless, her onslaught of fresh looking … Continue Reading

2017 Travels: San Juan, La Union

First things first..  Since you’re already here, it is important that I make you aware why I made and finished this short travel vlog: I really do have an awful lot of blog backlogs. (LOL) So I thought I’d already start unloading my blog pending and start sharing them with y’all already! This is my … Continue Reading

Life Update: Life Recently, Blog Anniversary & Travel Plans

Hello, everyone! How’s your January going so far? Mine has been pretty tight. I couldn’t sleep last night (AGAIN), my head won’t stop. How I wish it has an OFF switch. Around 3am last night, while I was tossing and turning and trying to find my sleepyhead around my bed, a thought came through my … Continue Reading

My Beach Trip Essentials

I have just been from a beach trip with my friends, so I thought why not share my beach essentials with you too! You see, it is evident- that from coast to coast all over the world, the beach is one of the most admired vacationlands not only for tourists, but also for locals. I, … Continue Reading

On Twenty-Something Meltdowns & Taking Back Control of My Life with The Giving Journal 2017

When I was still starting my blog, my first few articles were so personal. I remember talking once about changes, it was an article-slash-some-sort-of-an-open-letter for my best friend who was then leaving for Aussie to live her dreams. One year later, that is today, I am thinking about changes again- who I was this time … Continue Reading

Who brings you your Christmas?

Here it is, guys! Christmas is here- that time of the year Filipinos love to celebrate. So much so that as soon as “ber” months start, many of us start scrambling around malls, events, bazaars, and whatnot. We start talking about parties, we start thinking about our decors at home and at the office, we … Continue Reading

The Thing About Noel Bazaar

Before I start blabbing about ‘the’ bazaar, I’d first like to apologize for being MIA here on the blog for 3 weeks now. See, this season has already got me scrambling through so many things! It’s almost Christmas time, and instead of me savouring these days, I am swarming with so many blog events, blog … Continue Reading