Do you ever notice how women magazines approach their readers like we are already old, or at the very least, in dire need and under great responsibility to take care of our wrinkles and slow down our aging as soon as pube hits us?

Men’s magazines, on the other hand, treat their readers, even the oldest ones among them, as if they are perpetually and disarmingly charming, hot and young their entire life.

Men, even when aging, is taken by society as something good and beautiful- even when they are quite old to be single and living by themselves, society calls them a “bachelor”, society takes them as someone who is living the good life- as if that’s something we women can’t be too.

Women, on the other hand, when aging, are called “old, wrinkly, dry“. When a woman is quite old to be single and alone, society calls her an “old maiden”, as if that’s something to be ashamed of.

I know, it sucks.

Society sucks, and whether I try my very best to convince you not to listen to society or not, I know it still somehow affects how we women feel about ourselves. I should know because it gets to me too. However hard I try not to be affected by society’s opinions about women in general, it doesn’t get any easier everyday. That is why I try to make sure that I am in the right headspace- I always remind myself that when I take care of myself, I do it for me- not for anybody else. 

If you have been following my blog, you already know that I am type of woman who really likes taking care of herself- the exact reason why when I decided to put up my blog, I chose “Beauty” as one of the main categories I will write about.

Just more than a month ago, I was contacted by Koragem Premium to try their Japanese Collagen supplement. I was honestly hesitant at first, because one, I know I was allergic to anything with Collagen, and two, I’ve never really actually tried ANY beauty supplements my entire life.

What made me say yes to try it is because even though I am still fairly young, I cannot deny the fact that I have been seeing and feeling changes in my body already. I am not getting any younger. I am, in fact, joining the “late 20s” category soon enough.

I have heard so many things about Collagen- how it is naturally produced by our human bodies and that is is the key building block for firm, luminous and youthful skin, how it promotes healthy hair growth, and joint strength. However, our collagen production slows down in our early 20s onwards- the reason why Collagen supplements intakes are advised when you hit 20.

I was provided with a month’s supply of Koragem Japanese Collagen. Initially, I thought “One month lang?”, like really, would this really show me results that fast? I didn’t actually ask them about it, but Koragem Premium claims to show results as early as 4 weeks. So, okay, whatever, I’ll give this a try, I told myself.

I drank 1 capsule of Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen everyday for 30 days, every after lunch. After consuming everything, here’s what I noticed:

  1. I FELT STRONGER, LESS TIRED, AND BEAUTIFUL. You see, I am a smoker. I know it’s an ugly & disgusting habit and I’ve been meaning to quit but haven’t found the drive to do so totally. Anyway, smoking makes me feel tired than normal. 2 weeks in taking Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen, I noticed quite a drastic change in my energy and stamina. I felt like I had more energy everyday. I started to feel stronger, I even lessened my usual coffee intake- from 2 cups a day to 1 cup only. I’ve never felt stronger.
  2. STRONGER NAILS. Growing up, I’ve always had hard nails. I noticed how my nails’ health deteriorated when I hit my 20s. It just started being soft and just chips easily. Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen supplements helped bring back my nails’ health- I noticed how fast my nails grew after religiously taking Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen supplements, and how it has grown back to being strong and thick.
  3. RADIANT SKIN. I’ve always been into skincare! I like seeing my skin glow. 3 weeks into taking Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen supplements, I decided to skip my face and body lotion for 2 days just to see if the supplements are really giving results. Although there wasn’t much, I noticed how my cheeks grew its natural blush even more. My skin started looking brighter, and less pale. I think I’ll need to take more of these capsules to see a more noticeable result.
  4. LESS BACK PAINS. This is the most drastic result I’ve experienced out of taking Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen. You see, in real life, I do not have a nice posture. My gym instructor used to tell me she thinks I have mild scoliosis. I get back pains all the time. People who really know me know one of the many other cringing mannerisms I have is cracking my bones and joints. I do this yoga pose and crack my back by twisting my body left and right. A month in taking these supplements, I noticed how less I had to crack my bones and joints to relieve myself from the pain. I noticed how I am having less and less back pains. I’ve never felt so relieved this much!!

As for the product itself, I like how the capsules do not have the fishy smell and taste. Collagen products usually have this odor I do not like. This product’s an exemption. It, in fact, does not smell anything to me. It doesn’t upset my stomach. The capsules also tend to easily adapt to wetness which makes it effortlessly slide down your throat. It doesn’t give a weird taste or smell even when you burp right after drinking it. It is also very affordable! 1 Box of Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen contains 10 pcs of 500mg capsules and is retailed at 299 php per box only! Imagine having to spend only 900 php a month for a beauty supplement like this?!

I am out of Koragem for now. If you’re asking me if I will continue taking this, an honest to goodness answer to that is, YES.

Unless I find another brand that will give me better results for the same price..

KORAGEM PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE AT MERCURY DRUG STORES IN MANILA. Follow them on Instagram for updates, promos, and more information by clicking here.

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