I had the pleasure of indulging my skin with products from Althea once again. I remember how Althea sparked my first “WHAT’s HOT, WHAT’s NOT” series idea on the blog. My last Althea Haul was nothing short of a girly, pleasing experience. Imagine being able to shop for what seems like a never-ending bliss of choosing among hundreds of beauty products for FREE!

Now that I am blessed to work with them again, I couldn’t be any happier. This time, though, I wasn’t able to personally pick the products myself. What I got instead was a limited edition box called “GET READY WITH ME“. This box comes with 7 full-sized products that include skincare and makeup to take you from prep to set. It is packaged in the usual Althea Korea cute pink box.

The box contains the ff. items:


Product Description: Infused with Manuka honey, this moisturising scrub contains fine walnut granules to whisk away dead skin cells, leaving you with an even, smooth complexion.


  1. Small amount of product can go a long way. When I tried this product, I only needed to use pea amount to cover my entire face.
  2. It smells good. It smells of real honey.
  3. This product says the scrubs are made of fine walnut granules. It seems to be true because the scrubs feel pretty gentle on the skin. It doesn’t hurt when I scrub in onto my skin in circular motions.
  4. It tastes sweet!! LOL. I posted a video on my Instagram stories (@chesymirasol) the night I tried this product, and I got tons of response from my viewers because I actually tasted the mask! Hahaha. Please do not try this at home, I am not sure if you can really eat the product, but just to be safe please do not eat the product like I did! I was having fun- the product accidentally reached my lips, I meant to get rid of it by wiping but figured since it smells sweet, it must taste sweet too… and it does!! LOL
  5. Instant noticeable effect! I noticed quite a remarkable effect right after using this product. My skin had extra moisture, I felt my skin got smoother, cooler and brighter! I recommend usage of this product twice a week!


  1. The product is a little hard to wash off. It tends to get really slimy and slippery when you wash it with water. It took me quite a long time to remove all of the product.
  2. It’s also a little messy to apply. The product’s consistency is thick, but it’s made out of honey, so there’s really nothing much we can ask the brand to do about it.

VERDICT: I love the effect I saw after using this product, so yes!! 


Product Description: Boost your complexion with this gentle but powerful concentrate that smoothes out and exfoliates away dead skin cells.


  1. Just like the honey scrub, a small amount of this product can also go a long way!
  2. The packaging is super nice! The pump bottle is easy to use. I like that the bottle is clear- making it easier for me to keep track how much product I am actually pumping out. I feel like it helps give me more control. I do not worry about pumping out too much product and wasting it.
  3. It smells super great- like fresh apples.
  4. It feels cool on the skin and gives off a refreshing feeling.
  5. It doesn’t give an ugly peeling effect.


  1. There is not much information on the product. I would have liked it better if there was more information I could read so I know what the product is made of.

VERDICT: I am more likely to repeat purchase of this product!! My verdict says….



Product Description: This moisturising toner is made with organic flower extracts to purify and keep your skin feeling soft and fresh all day.


  1. It smells of real flowers.
  2. Great amount of product. The bottle is actually filled up to the cover.
  3. Perfect for dry skin.


  1. It kind of gives off an oily finish. If you have a naturally oily skin, I do not recommend this.

VERDICT: I think this product isn’t something I would really purchase again- only because I have a combination of oily and dry skin. I cannot afford to lean on products that adds more oil to my skin. I think there are other better toners out there. However, if your skin is consistently dry, I think this product is…


Product Description: This cushion offers a flawless application with a hydrating formula, so you don’t have to worry about pesky skin flakes.


  1. Build-able coverage. This product can go extremes- it can go from light coverage to full coverage! There’s very minimal need to use concealer.
  2. It gives off a moisturised finish. If you are into the “Korean make up look”, this is perfect for you!
  3. Easy to apply! It comes with a puff which you can use to apply the product onto your skin.
  4. Easy to blend! The product’s consistency is perfect. It doesn’t dry out fast- giving you enough time to blend throughout your face.
  5. Small amount of product can go a long way.
  6. Fragrance free.


  1. Requires make up primer. I tried using this product without a primer and my skin found it quite hard to hold.
  2. It only has short staying power. It only lasted on my face for a good 4-5 hours.

VERDICT: I find this product perfect for an everyday look. It’s something I would like to add on my make up kit.


Product Description: This neutral, slightly shimmery brown is perfect for giving the eyes some definition (especially in the crease), making it great for an everyday look.


  1. Perfect for creating shadows on the crease.
  2. The product is very pigmented. You only need small amount of product to get the colour on your eyes.
  3. It has just the right amount of shimmer.


  1. I think they can do better with the packaging. It doesn’t feel sturdy to me.
  2. The colour is darker when you apply it.

VERDICT: This is something I would still use.. so, yes..


I couldn’t find this product’s description.


  1. Looks nice and premium? LOL


  1. It doesn’t stay too long on the skin.
  2. The colour is too bright. To me, it doesn’t give a nice natural look.
  3. Hard to blend.
  4. The brush it comes with isn’t good. The bristles are soft but doesn’t hold the powder blush well.
  5. The blush tends to easily get crushed- quite messy to use.

VERDICT: I honestly didn’t like anything about this one.. I’d still go for NARS and MARC JACOBS powder blushes.


Product Description: Classic red lip tint in gel form
  1. Great amount of product for its price.
  2. Very pigmented.
  3. Doesn’t dry out fast, easy to blend which makes it the perfect product to achieve the gradient coloured lips.
  4. The lip applicator’s tip holds the product very well.
  5. Can also be used as a cheek tint.


  1. The bottle’s stopper doesn’t really hold the product well, it tends to leave products on the stick. Quite messy if not used with proper care.
  2. The shade only fits those that have fair skin tone.

VERDICT: I think this product makes it very convenient for me to add colour to my pale skin. I find it very easy to use and super perfect for days when I am too lazy to put on a lot of make up.

My initial thought when I opened the box was “Wow, this is actually a complete skincare/make up box“. I was overwhelmed with the products that were sitting in front of me that I didn’t notice the box didn’t have any eyebrow make up in it until I tried the products one by one, step by step myself.
 All in all, I honestly think the box was pretty good. It is retailed at P 1,316.00 only. Considering the number of products you get for that amount, I’d say it’s a pretty good buy! Despite lacking of eyebrow make up, I sincerely think this box is worth the moolah. All of the products in this box are in full-sizes unlike the others who offer bundles like this too, but only gives you sample sizes of the products.
 I recommend this to young girls who are beginning to love make up- those who are yet to afford luxury brands, those that are into K-Beauty, and those who have sensitive skin. The products are pretty gentle on the skin, some are even organic. I am a self-confessed make up junkie and though I usually prefer luxury make up brands, a big part of me still digs Korean beauty products. There is something about these beauty products from Korea that make me feel like I am not only putting on make up, but my skin is also being well taken care of.Thinking about it now, I  don’t think there is any Korean beauty product that disappointed me so bad. They seem to work pretty well more often than not!You can purchase your own Get Ready With Me Box at ph.althea.kr! Since this box is limited edition, the stocks may only be just a few. Hopefully you don’t run out of it yet! If in case, though, please don’t fret yet! You can still buy these products individually!

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