I haven’t been giving proper attention to my health and body recently. Truth be told, it has been 9 months since I last did a proper workout or a sport. I guess I have been too consumed about so many other things in my personal & work life…

Looking back, I can see how my life is so different now. I am now a full-time writer, a blogger and a small time entrepreneur who works mostly from home or at random coffee shops while munching on potato chips, chocolates, and cakes. Also, I overload on carbs almost non-stop.

You see, I am relatively lucky. I am naturally a petite woman. I have small bones and my body do not really store in fats as much as other women my age does. I’ve been blessed with a great metabolism. In fact, I used to do no. 2 almost every after meal. (TMI, sorry. I just had to share that. I think it’s one of my talents. Lol.)

Conversely, despite being blessed with a body type I certainly enjoy, one thing I cannot deny is the fact that I am already aging. While I am lucky enough to not gain that much weight, I’ve still put on SOME weight. I can no longer fit in a lot of my old clothes; I also notice how I cannot pull an all-nighter as much as I can a few years back.

I’d like to believe I still have good metabolism up to this day, however it’s not as high and as quick as it was. I generally just get tired easily now. My skin is starting to show imperfections too. I’m starting to grow a belly and grew a few inches to my thighs and waist. I also easily lose patience and end up feeling irritable recently.

I knew sooner or later I had to go back to working out. I knew I had to do something again. I think about how I was into cross fit before, the many times I enrolled in various gym memberships in the last 3 years, how I even got madly addicted to pole dancing, yoga and surfing, only to stop and do nothing at all for my health for straight 9 months. I am not proud of myself.

The moment I received an email from the BodyBoss peeps, I immediately knew I was going to say yes to the offer. BodyBoss offered me their Ultimate Body 12-week workout plan. I’ve had injuries from cross fit before, had countless bruises from pole dancing, and wild washouts from surfing, so I thought this fitness plan couldn’t be that bad and difficult.

I know the pictures you all see on my social media accounts makes it appear like I have nothing much to do or lose. Truth is, we all post the best version of ourselves online. Just because we see the best sides of people online (because that is what most of us choose to post all the time) doesn’t mean everybody is at his or her best potential- whether it is about their fitness conditions, or happiness in life in general…

I am tired of pretending I am in best shape. My makeup and skincare can only take care of my exteriors and with that aspect, I know I am not lacking efforts. I miss my genuinely happy, fit and strong self. This was I just a few years back:



I’m so ready to get this body back.

I took this week to complete reading my BodyBoss Ultimate Body 12-week Fitness Guide book to make sure it is something I truly understand and something I can really do.

This fitness plan provides a step-by-step HIIT circuit workout, which you are ought to do for 12 weeks. Besides the brief text guides, all the workouts are laid out in pictures which makes it very easy to follow.

All workouts in the BodyBoss Fitness Guide are just 24 active minutes each and done only 3 times a week. For a woman like me who is always either very busy, and/or very lazy, this is a major plus. It doesn’t eat up too much of my time and I don’t necessarily have to do it everyday. What’s also amazing about this is that the workouts target different body areas. Mondays are for Legs & Booty, Wednesdays are for Arms, Abs & Core and Fridays are Full Body workouts. Plus, it comes with recommended cardio/recovery exercises for Tuesdays and Thursdays to get your heart rate pumping – it’s almost like having a personal trainer 24/7.

The workouts require very minimal workout equipment. It’s something you can do wherever you are. For someone like me who barely has time to go to the gym, this workout plan is a great alternative! Also, let us not disregard the traffic situation here in manila. It is one of the main the reasons why I find it almost impossible to squeeze in a workout session at the gym. Traffic eats up a lot of everybody’s time here! It’s horrendous! Raise your hand if you can relate!

This fitness book includes more than just workout guides. I think what adds to its charms is that it has extra tips on losing weight and food diet guides. It also has a worksheet tracker that lets you trail your transformation from day one up until you finish the whole program. I love that it has this personal touch to it. It makes me feel like this journey is really mine.

They also offer this program digitally, which you can easily access through your phones/tablets. That may work for some, but not for me. I am still very much a traditional woman in so many little ways. I still like having a book to open and pages to flip, writing down with pen and paper.

Also, I’ve realized how much this helps me save more money. With BodyBoss, I do not have to allot gas and parking budget every time I travel to the gym. I won’t have to be responsible for a monthly membership fees that I do not really make good use of. I also won’t have to save extra just to pay a ridiculous amount for a gym instructor that can only offer me their service for just a few days. (Nobody offers unlimited trainings here, unless they’re your super close friend or boyfriend. Lol.)

I would love to be able to flaunt a better physique 12 weeks from now. I cannot wait, to be honest! I am looking forward to a healthier, and happier me again.

If you ask me, I definitely recommend you to get your hands on the BodyBoss Fitness Guide here !! It saves so much money, time and lets you comfortably do it on your own terms. You can be ugly while working out and not give a single poo about people staring and watching you while you workout and actually enjoy it!

Like me, you can simply do it in the comforts on your home without judging eyes around you!

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