Our minds are powerful- at least, that’s what they all say. When you try to read and research your way through finding motivational and energy-pumping thoughts to keep you going, you will one way or another, find this cliche written somewhere.

Do you ever get tired? Really exhausted? Tired of what you’re doing, no matter how much you love doing it? I know I do.


I would like to believe that I am a pushover type of person (in a good way). I tend need to do so many things at the same time. I don’t like starting things not being able to finish them. Needless to say, a girl like me who does a corporate job at day which includes writing, graphic design, events, and juggles blogging and modeling on the side, you can only imagine how tired I get at the end of everyday.

We should all work on our dreams. Life is too short to do something you don’t like for a long period, but even doing what you love can be fatiguing, even draining. While it is true that our minds and emotions play a big part of what keeps us going everyday, our bodies sometimes fail us. My recent coffee discovery actually helps, that is Kopiko 78. It was one of those days when I dragged myself to work because I was already too tired to begin with my day when I decided to stop over at a convenience store nearby where I used to work, and thoughtlessly picked up Kopiko 78 on the refrigerator shelves.

It was evident I needed caffeine buzz of I might out-sleep (is this even a word? Haha!) myself from work. It may not be obvious, but I am probably the sleepiest girl you will ever meet. Lols. This drink comes in handy plastic bottle, which is actually a plus. I don’t like holding on to big things while I run and work outside the whole day. When I tried it, I got a one-two punch! The coffee flavor sat in my palate like it needed to settle a score. The milk and sugar taste followed through immediately. I am not a big fan of bitter-tasting coffee drinks, but this one is an exception. Though the coffee flavor has that strong mark, the mix of milk and sugar is just right for me.


For on-the-go girls who has crazy schedule like me, Kopiko 78 is the perfect all-nighter. Its strength is reliable to keep me awake and alert without having to worry about palpitations due to caffeine overload. Our bodies may react differently; results may vary from one person to another. As for me who doesn’t have much tolerance to caffeine, I like to usually grab one bottle of Kopiko 78 in the afternoon to last me through the entire day.


If you’re like me who work too damn hard not to see your dreams slip through your fingers just because you got tired, I suggest you always try to find your inner “WHYs” whenever you’re feeling tired and uninspired. Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you show up to work or school everyday? Why you even started in the first place? Like me right in this very moment, just when I am beginning to feel exhausted and like I am just keeping my wheels spinning, I think about the things I can share with you. It is important to always go back and find your reasons behind all your actions. It is also important, no matter how many of us usually neglect them, that we find our favorite pick-upper little things, like Kopiko 78, to help us get going.


How about you? What keeps and helps you going?

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