I never thought I would write about intimate wear in my whole blogging career- not that it is a bad thing or some sort of a taboo topic I am scared to tackle. It’s just that I was never the type to talk about my choice of undergarments to anybody, let alone talk about it here in my blog for the whole world to read.

Believe it or not, my blog email and social media accounts get the weirdest questions sometimes. It’s touching to know  that more and more women (most of them I’ve never even met) feel comfortable sending me messages- asking for advices about some really private stuff. I get asked for advices about love, some even send me photos of clothes they like and asks me to pick for them.

The weirdest one was that girl who asked me how she could make her boobs look nicer on this particular top that she has. I must be doing something really good with the way I dress that some people think I know all about making boobs look nicer! Teehee! 🙂

I gotta be real, I also do not know what the hell I am doing most of the time. Hahahaha. If you’ve seen my ETC Style Speak feature (you can watch it here if you haven’t yet), I’ve shared there how I pick the things I wear. It’s still trial and error up to this day to be honest. I guess my secret is simple. I just play around with different things and I am never afraid to try anything. I think that’s the best way to know what best fits you.

More than your personal sense of style, it all boils down to feeling good on the inside and I mean that both figuratively and literally. In the literal sense, I mean undergarments. I am talking about brassieres and panties that feel good- the ones that are comfortable, the ones that give safe and proper hold, the ones that are wearable even under thin clothing materials.

You see, I’ve gotten one of the cutest mails in my entire blogging career ever. It was from Avon. If you’ve been reading my past blogs, you might have already come across a few articles where I was talking about how I’ve always had this thing for superbly creative packagings… I mean, just look at this:

Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel

This package includes different designs of bras in different shades of nudes from Avon. They presented each bra in a quality ziplock bag that is designed like a coffee been bag and placed them in an open wood palette box. Tell me, how could not fall in love with this brand even more?

I got sent 5 different kinds of bras. I am actually wearing one as I am typing this..

I like how these bras come in different shades of nudes. I can easily wear them under any of my light coloured dresses and tops. Plus, the arrival of this mail is very timely for me! I’ve recently made a change with my clothing choices. I’ve started shunning away from wearing black and during the rare times that I do, I always make sure I pair it with something light- mostly, white and/or nude.

I can say these bras are pretty comfortable to wear all day. They make me feel like my fronts are held in place without choking them in. They nicely and sturdily holds my fronts and have just the right amount of space and room for them to breathe.

Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel

Bras can make or break how you look. I cannot stress this enough. With the wrong bra, even your fanciest piece of clothing can make you look cheap.

What I think most people do not realize is how good quality bras do not usually really come in affordable prices. The best ones I have costs about 2,000 bucks a piece. It’s a shame a lot of men do not know this. If they knew, they’d probably appreciate their wives’ undergarments more. Lol.

Avon gives women the relief of not having to spend so much for something we would wear only to be hidden under our clothes but with the assurance of quality and comfort of it. Another thing that I love about Avon is it spares me the hassle and shame of buying my undergarments in public places, like the malls. With Avon, I do not have to worry about sharing my personal intimate wear preferences out in the open. With Avon, I only have to share about it with one person, that is my Avon lady. I also have the option to totally keep my intimate wear preferences all to myself by shopping through their online shopping site.

Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel

If I were you, I’d be talking to my Avon lady now too.

That, or I’d be glued to my screen browsing through the online Avon shopping site!


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