How are you?

I know. It has been a hot minute!! It’s been such a while since I last posted a real life update on the blog. I feel like I’ve been doing a whole lot behind the scenes and have not really been sharing them out here that much.

To be honest, I feel like I always have lots of ideas but picking them out of my brain and translating them into words have been proving to be a little more difficult than usual.

I’ve been distracted by so many things recently and honestly speaking; I think a part of it is that I’ve also been going through personal struggles and I wasn’t sure how much I am willing to share for the world to nitpick.

You see, at the end of each day, I’d still like to think I am just like every normal 20-something year old- who prefers to close all the curtains and keep most of her personal life private. If there is one thing of great value I learned throughout the years, it’s that a private life is a happy life. I’ve also noticed that many of the best parts of my life don’t really make it to the Internet.

However, as contradicting as it may seem, I am here again- sharing few pieces of what my life has been about recently. I’ve proven writing and sharing to be a very therapeutic way for me to release my stress and turn negative vibes into good ones. I also think doing this is kind of  like a way for me to send out a reminder saying “you are not alone” to my readers.

Photography by Charles Rodulfo

Living in Interesting Times and Coping with It

I have been feeling a crazy mix of emotions recently. I am somewhat drained from what’s happening with world right now- let alone with what’s happening in the country I am currently living in. At the same time, I am also inspired and hopeful in the kindness, care and involvement of both young and old that are being shown in response to it.

I hate that I am naturally sensitive and absorbent. I feel like I am a real life representation of SpongeBob. I tend to rivet the energy I see, hear and feel and end up feeling worse than most people. I wish I could do more than just to succumb to this ugly habit. I have been looking at different ways to counter this and the one that best caught my interest were these wellness camps I saw on the Internet.

Wellness camps are establishments or centers that offer health and wellness retreats. They offer holistic healing and wellness activities for both the mind and body through providing you with healthy and detoxifying diet whilst requiring you to participate in yoga and meditation classes. You can either do this through weekly visitations, or simply book a stay in their hotel for a few days for a more in-depth experience. The best one I found is San Benito Farm in Tagaytay. Since I am currently residing in the South, I thought this one can is pretty much doable. I am thinking of doing this in the next months.

I am actually looking for someone to go with, any of you there up to do this with me?

Blogging Life

I have been uninspired and unacceptably lazy the past few weeks and I am not proud of it.

Nevertheless, I am still grateful beyond great lengths because you my readers, still keeping hanging out here on my site to browse and read my past articles! I can never thank you enough for appreciating what I put out here. You are the reason my blog is where it’s at right now.

In fact, because of your unyielding support and patronage of my blahs, I am delighted to announce that I am nominated at this year’s E! Bloggers’ Ball under “BREAKTHROUGH BLOGGER OF THE YEAR” category!

I honestly kind of wanted to cry when I received the formal email. It may seem shallow to some of you, but this is big to me!! Being nominated alongside with celebrities and top bloggers known in Southeast Asia is momentous!! It’s not everyday that you get to be acknowledged for what you do!!

I have no shame in saying that winning the award is a long, long shot for me. My co-nominees are equally great in what they do too. In fact, I am the underdog. But more than anything, I already feel like I won just being nominated for a blogging award, and alongside with these people at that.

From what I’ve heard, out of 300 nominees, it was voted down to 20, 15, 10 and now 5 for each category. The awarding is happening on the 16th of September at the City of Dreams.

The public voting for final set of nominees is opening on August 28 to September 10. You can cast your votes by just visiting www.EBloggersBall.com!

While bringing home the bacon is quite farfetched for me, I still hope for your support by voting for me!!

Photography by Charles Rodulfo

Business Ventures

My business life has somewhat been on a slow pace recently. While I make sure I have enough source of income on a monthly basis through my digital marketing, writing and graphic design services, I feel like I still have a lot of free time in my hands that I still can make use for many other things.

My La Union resto business venture earlier this year had fallen through, and while that made me really sad and disappointed, I know I cannot linger and sulk about it any longer. I had jump from doing that to venturing into something that I am personally genuinely interested in and quite knowledgeable about, that is beauty and wellness.

I had been in touch with one of my former bosses and it surprisingly opened a new door of opportunity for me. It’s been almost 3 months now since we started formulating and working on our own skincare and makeup line.

I am a skincare and makeup believer myself and while there are already products I faithfully use, I strongly believe that our market is now ready for some more local action. Do you see how people nowadays have become more open to try and support local brands? I do. More and more local brands are budding. I’ve seen my friends do it and it’s glorious!! I’ve never imagined local brands to grow this fast in a country where culture is so westernized, but here we are and I am one proud local supporter here!

I wish I could share more about this but I would have to keep most of it a secret until we are really ready to launch. I am extra careful because not only do I want it to be grand, but I also want you to not be disappointed with it! The core guide that I always keep in mind with creating this skincare and makeup brand is this:

I want to crush the stigma that when a brand is local, it is cheap, substandard, and distasteful. I want to offer a local skincare and makeup brand that is actually worth every penny, high quality and safe for every Filipina.

So until the launch, please stay tuned!!

Personal Life

My personal life is generally happy, you see. However, it is only normal that I also have days when I have difficulty seeing my worth as a friend, a lover, a daughter, a sister… or just a person in general. Living in a society where our shortcomings are highlighted, it is often hard to remain a big ball of positive energy and feel good about our selves.

We are bombarded with loads of make-up ads, perfectly toned bodies on Instagram and magazines, the thousand dollar signature dresses, our friends with perfect lives and relationships online with their perfect husbands/boyfriends and cute little kids- everything stresses just how not put together we are. I can’t help but ask myself sometimes why I do not have what they have? I feel like sometimes the society yells in my face “Everyone has their act together except you!

Of course, that is not true. I’m sure everyone; even celebrities have their issues too. I cannot imagine that twenty-something famous star going through cheating issues with her boyfriend doesn’t worry that she is integrally unlovable, even though she is beautiful, intelligent, and rich too.

It is usually easier to let our selves succumb to this way of thinking. The demons in our own heads are usually the toughest ones to fight. But one way or another, it’s going to tire you. I should know because I am here, right in this very hole again.

Whenever I am feeling this way, I usually just read my out of it. I like to be reminded of good things so I usually just read about positive things. I came across the “Shambala Buddhist” view of basic goodness. Fundamentally, this view says that we are already perfect. We are already amazing just as we are. Meaning, humans are imminently lovable.

I thought if you put your mind to it, to that notion, then you will sooner or later realize your worth. I think it is important that we focus our minds and energies in accepting ourselves just the way we are than wishing we were something or someone else. This is where choice comes in. In any moment, each of us has a choice. We can either give in to society’s pleas, pressing us to be miserable because we will never be good enough to have what our friends have or we can focus and listen to our own basic goodness.

In this way, we can be reminded that we are, in reality, already complete.

Photography by Charles Rodulfo

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