If you’re a woman living in the Philippines within the last year up to present and still haven’t heard of Everyday Love+, you’re missing out on a lot.

It was just last year when this Filipino brand took us by surprise (in a very good way) when they launched their very own “Nude Lips” collection which consists of 5 different shades of nude liquid lipsticks. I wrote a review of their first collection around September last year, and if you haven’t read it yet, you can do so by clicking here.

I cannot believe it has been that long ago already, to be honest. It feels just like very recent when I had my hands on these holy grail liquid lipsticks but with just less than a year, Everyday Love+ has improved a whole lot.

Last year, the Nude Lips Collection consists of basically just pink and nude hues- the only actual difference of the colours are the darkness of their pigments. The formula of the first batch of lipsticks weren’t consistent in every bottle too- some were too thick, some were okay, and some were just right. It was like an experimental phase for them, I think.

But even with that being said, I still thought they did a great job. It’s not everyday that startup Filipino brands actually make these lipstick dreams happen for every Filipina.

This year, almost everything is new about Everyday Love+.

As I love to put it: “New shades, new formula, same love.”


Not only did they actually perfected their lipstick shades, they also finally found the perfect consistency of their lipsticks’ formula. The new Everyday Love + lipsticks now have thinner formula. The consistency of this new formula is evident in each bottle. I found it easier to lock into the lips and faster to dry than the ones last year. These new lipsticks have made my lips less cracked than it did with its formula before. I would say the formula is almost like Kylie’s, just a little thinner.


The Nude Lips Collection this year have also showed remarkable changes. Last year’s  Nude Lips consist of the following shades:

Though each shade is very pretty, I didn’t think the shades were versatile. Each of these old shades were like catering to a particular skin tone. It wasn’t a collection everybody would buy because not every shade will fit them.

This year, though, the shades totally up a notch. To me, the shades are perfect for all skin tones:

The shades look very pretty when worn, even when taken a photo of- with or without flash. Initially, I wasn’t all big about Shade No. 5. I thought it was too dark for me, but it was, after all, a shade I have grown to love just like the rest of them. I am fairly white, but each of these nude lipsticks also look great on morena women! You can refer to photos on Everyday Love+’s Instagram account to know more about what I am talking about.

Everyday Love+ didn’t just stop at perfecting their nudes. They also explored and released totally new collections: Summer Lips Collection and Reds Collection.

Summer Lips Collection consists of two bright shades called Come Away with Me and Sweet Escape:

These two summer lipsticks give off very bright tones, it can instantly illuminate the rest of your face. I am not kidding. These shades give off very fun feels.

Come Away With Me
Sweet Escape

However, I do not think these shades are wearable without the basic complete makeup (Foundation, Eyebrow, Blush On, Eyelashes). I have personally tried wearing these lipsticks with zero make up on and it made me look pale, my teeth a little more yellow, I just looked funny. With complete makeup on, though, I’d like to think these lipsticks made me look pretty and made me feel extra girly.

Come Away with Me is bright pink shade, almost like Barbie’s infamous lip colour. Sweet Escape is a bright orange-y red shade. If you ask me, I do not think I will be wearing these shades on a daily basis. This is something I would prefer to wear occasionally- could be when I am going to the beach, or at some events during the day when I am feeling all jolly and perky!

Everyday Love+’s Reds Collection, on the other hand, is totally my sort of thing. Before nude was in and “it”, reds were my “go-to” shades. Back in college when I used to do hosting gigs, I am almost always never seen without my red lipstick on stage. Hell even during regular classes, I would rock red lips.

The Reds Collection consists of two shades as well, with shades simply called Shade No. 8 and Shade No. 9.

Shade No. 8
Shade No. 9

When swatched on the hand, the colour difference is quite hard to notice. I’m not sure if it was just because of the lighting available when I took photo of these swatches on hand, or if the lipsticks are really like that.

However, when worn, you can totally see their difference and appreciate them better:

Shade No. 8 is a bright classic red shade. I can totally say this one is a great dupe for Mac’s famous “Ruby Woo”. Shade No. 9, on the hand, is a darker shade. It’s more like a wine/ cherry red. My personal pick between these two is Shade No. 9, only because I think I am too old for the shocking classic red lipstick color. Lol.


This year, Everyday Love+ also launched their newest and first ever website. The website provides complete information about the brand, the people behind it, their products, and this: ONLINE SHOPPING.

Yeap, that is right. Their website is online shopping ready!! If you’re a woman like me who do not believe in simply putting up “just” an instagram account to sell your products, you would totally appreciate this on their website. Do not get me wrong, I think brands who use Instagram as their main selling platform are great too, I just don’t think it is all there is. As a Digital Marketing professional, I think it adds great value to products and brands as a whole if they have an official website, even more so, one that is online shopping equipped.

You can check out their website at www.everydaylove.asia.


I might be wrong, but I’ve noticed that people here usually get that “cheap, unsafe” notion when they are presented with homegrown brands. I don’t know if it is because “crab mentality” really just innately lives within all of us or if it is because mostly everyone is just aware that countries like Japan, Korea and China have the best technologies, equipment and expertise compared to us? I just wish though, that more and more people will see how much Filipino brands have evolved and are now bringing surprisingly good products to the beauty industry today.

Everyday Love+ is a homegrown brand, with products curated in the country, but manufactured in Japan and is now FDA approved!!

I swear this year, Everyday Love+ gives off “world domination” feels. They just keeps getting better and better.

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