It was just about 4 months ago when Skinhouse Beauty & Laser Clinic reached out to me and offered their Revlite. I was honestly hesitant at first because even though I am a total beauty junkie, I’ve never really done any “service” to my face or skin. The closest treatment I’ve ever done to a facial service is the Face Slim by Shinagawa, but even that was different! It was done on my chin area only and it was not for the skin at all. It was basically for slimming and burning my unwanted chin fats. If you missed it, you can still read it by clicking here.

To be really honest here, I’ve never done any facial, laser, peeling treatments and services EVER before.

I guess it’s safe to say that I am the type of person who doesn’t like it when other people touch my face with their bare hands. Lol. I do not like being pinched on the cheeks, or being held on the face when someone is trying to kiss me, or just about anything that involves other people’s hands on my face. I don’t even wax my upper lip and my eyebrows. My face is simply a no touch zone. Lol.

 Yeah, I know. I’m that type of OC.


It took me one whole day to decide whether I would accept the offer- one because I was scared it will ruin my face, second I wasn’t sure if I was a good candidate for a Revlite treatment. I thought my skin was doing just fine, I’ve lived over 2 decades without doing any treatments on my face anyway.

However, just like everybody, I still have days when I breakout senseless and grow acne. I use various anti-acne gel and creams to get rid of all of these and while most of them heal my breakouts and acne, they leave ugly marks- most of the time, dark spots. I used to just rely on various whitening and lightening creams to take care of this and while they kind of helped lighten my dark spots, it always takes forever to totally get rid of my dark spots.

Plus, coming to think of it, I realized I was spending too much on these creams already. I knew I had to find another way. Plus, I have few noticeable pores open and the “no pore” creams and primers in the market just doesn’t close the deal for me.

And that was it. That was my thought balloon when I was finally replying to Skinhouse’s e-mail. I knew then that I had to give it a try. I figured I wanted to be able to go out some days with zero, or very minimal makeup at the very least and feel confident about my skin. In a world obsessed with beauty, I would love to be able to spend less for makeup in the long haul.

For those who are not familiar with Revlite, allow me to give you a brief information.

Revlite is a revolutionary aesthetic medical laser that is an effective solution non ablative skin resurfacing. This includes treatments for wrinkles and acne scar reduction, treatment of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions, fine hair removal, and treatment of vascular lesions. The laser used in the Revlite Treatment system improves overall skin texture by constricting enlarged pores, promoting collagen formation and dissolving deposited pigment. I was fed with this information during my first session, plus I’ve done my homework too! *wink*

My first session went by smoothly.  I went to Skinhouse’s Pioneer branch, situated in the 2nd floor of Pioneer Center. I immediately fell in love with the place! The interiors are totally my thing- designed in modern French interiors and a play of colors in teal, turquoise and white. It is that kind of place where you instantly feel pretty and princess-y.

The front desk ladies were graceful and very welcoming!  I can tell they were very well prepared for my appointment. They immediately knew who I was the moment I stepped in the clinic- greeted me with big smiles and warm aura. I waited for a few minutes as they prepared my room. It was so quick that I honestly do not understand why they even asked me to sit for a while. Lol.

I was escorted to a private room- a big one, for that matter. I remember wondering if all the other rooms were of that size as well but was to shy to ask and didn’t want to sound nosy. Lol. But really, it was bigger than I had expected! I had always had this conception of derma clinics making use of every space possible for other purposes. I was impressed at the leg room in Skinhouse, although this was the only room I had been in to now that I am already done with 4 sessions- I guess this room is the only room specified for Revlite treatments.

The Revlite machine was small. The picture I had in mind was the exact opposite. I imagined the machine to big and intimidating. But I was introduced to small, skinny, and quite a friendly looking machine. Every session, the procedures done are exactly the same (talk about consistency).

Below are the procedures I go through each Revlite sessions at Sinhouse:

  1. I am asked to wear some sort of a turban to make sure my hair doesn’t get in the way for the entire treatment.
  2. My makeup is removed with a makeup remover and cotton.
  3. I am asked to wear an eye cover.
  4. The therapist tells me right when she is about to start the treatment.
  5. I go through the treatment for a good 20-25 minutes.
  6. The therapist puts cold compress all over the treated area.
  7. The therapist applies soothing cream all over the treated area.
  8. I  get a few minutes to relax in the room by myself.
  9. A cold coffee is delivered to my room every after session.

The procedure is actually pretty simple. To me, it’s the way the attendants take care of you that really makes it worthwhile. I can tell that my therapist and the other attendants are very well-trained- genuinely careful, polite, soft, welcoming, throws a positive aura at anyone who enters the clinic and never forgets to ask you before putting anything on your skin. Lastly, THEY NEVER EVER TOUCH MY FACE WITHOUT GLOVES. It is very sterile and clean, I can smell and sense everything is brand new, AND CLEAN.

I think this is what we really pay for in clinics- THE SERVICE THEY DELIVER. There are a lot of derma clinics all over the country already, and all of them offer the same service, probably even use the same machines. The edge here is how these clinic differ in the way they provide you the treatments and I can definitely attest to Skinhouse’s service quality.

You see, I even get texts reminder 5 days before my appointment, another text the day before, and another text reminder an hour before my actual appointment. For a girl like me who’s always on-the-go, I appreciate soft reminders like these as I tend to forget them or jot them down my planner.

After the first session, I instantly saw results. They were remarkably noticeable and that made me fall in love with Skinhouse even more. I saw my facial hair turn white, thin and almost invisible. I also had this super big zit on the left side of my cheeks a week before I had my first session and it left a dark circle spot on my face. After my first session, the dark spot lightened a whole lot!! It was almost miracle to me. Lol.

I had to go to a birthday party after my first Revlite session and was too lazy to re-put makeup on face so I just decided to go. One of my girlfriends noticed how my skin was glowing so I told her about what I just had at Skinhouse. She couldn’t believe it, she even asked me if I was really not wearing any foundation. I was not. Right then and there, I was sure I’d continue doing Revlite at Skinhouse.

Every session, I would always get red spots and bumps on the treated area because I have thin and very sensitive skin. These spots and bumps usually subside in a few hours, sometimes it even takes a whole day but it’s not at all bothersome. The laser light tends to also stress the skin, that is why it is really important to have Revlite done only by the experts, like Skinhouse. They know what they are doing and doesn’t push it just so they can profit from it. I love the genuine service they give out and share here. It’s simply impressive!

After having done 4 sessions, my face feels and looks even more rejuvenated, appears brighter, cleaner, smoother and suppler. I have lesser pores open now, and have minimal to zero dark spots too. And, the icing on the cake, I GET TO GO OUT WITH ZERO FOUNDATION ALREADY!!!!!!!!! I now only use foundation when I have to go to big events. On normal days, I just use sunscreen, eyebrows, lip tint, and sometimes cc cream on days I have my eye bags!

It is that good. Trust me.

I know most of you have a lot of questions about this so I’ve prepared a few FAQs below for your reference:

  1. How does it feel? Does it hurt? The treatment feels just like a mild sting on the skin, like a tingling sensation- like a rubber band is softly being flicked at your skin. You can smell a bit of burning during the treatment but you should not worry, that’s only your facial hair being treated. More than anything else, the pain is tolerable. I would say minimal pain to no pain.
  2. How long does each treatment last? Depending on the condition of your skin, the treatment usually lasts about 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. How many treatment sessions will it take before I see results? You can already see instant results after the first session just like me. But for better results, I suggest you do 4-8 sessions. In fact, I would even suggest that you do it regularly.
  4. How often should I get this treatment done? Approximately 4 weeks interval before doing the next session.
  5. Is it expensive? For the results it provides, if you ask me, no. The fact that the interval of  each treatment session is 4 weeks, gives you enough time to save money for it.
  6. How much is it? Skinhouse offers Revlite for as low as 4,000php per session. Prices may differ depending on which part of the body you are getting treated. Imagine only spending 4,000 php out of your salary monthly and seeing instant results. Who would rely on lightening creams with hefty price tags alone especially when it provides annoyingly slow results? You will only tend to spend more in buying lightening creams in the long run and seeing minimal results with it.
  7. Which parts of the body can I do Revlite for? You can do it for your face, underarm, legs, arms, neck, etcetera.
  8. Are there side effects? Speaking from my experience, I have not experienced any remarkable side effects except the red spots and bumps after each session. It goes away after a few hours and I get to talk to my therapist about it so it doesn’t worry me. The soothing cream they put after each session helps for it to subside.
  9. What are the post-treatment care I need to take? You would only need to put soothing cream for 3 consecutive nights every after each Revlite session and pair it up with sunscreen in the morning. No whitening soaps, whitening creams, whitening facial lotions, whitening toners, whitening wash, whitening masks, and/or whitening serums for 3 days. Try to avoid sun exposure too.
  10. Can I wear makeup after each session? This is probably one of the best things about Revlite. You can immediately put on makeup after each session as long as your makeup is not infused with any whitening ingredient. The thing I like most about Revlite is how it doesn’t make me look  like (pardon my language) shit after each session.

If you have any other question in mind, do not hesitate to ask me! Just leave a reply below. I’ll gladly help you out 🙂

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