If you haven’t already noticed, I have always been the type girl who likes looking good. I guess it’s safe to say I like taking care of myself. I enjoy activities that put my skin in mint condition- hence, all my beauty secrets and beauty product obsessions. Oh and how I love exploring activities that does great to my body tones too- hence, my cross fit and pole dance classes. Even when I was younger, I’d always jump on opportunities that would involve self-improvement,  and self-development- both for the physique and intellect. I’d been active in my high school’s dance club, high school volleyball varsity team and would seasonally submit in a few articles for the high school newspaper. In college, I was in it for amazing races, marathons- hell I would even walk from Gate 1 to Gate 3 and not care about sweat. All 4 years of PE classes, I got a 4.0 (Lasallian over here! God, I wish I got the same grade for all my math classes.)

More than half of my life, I was blessed with a skinny body. I own very small bones- probably the reason why I managed to stay skinny for many years without feeling guilty about munching on 2 slices of cheesecake in one seating. However, some blessings don’t last if you don’t work for it. Haha! See, honestly, about a few years back, I thought I’d always have that skinny body even without working for it.  I would always hear from older friends back then that when I hit mid-20s, the cycle’s going to change. I didn’t believe them. To me, it felt like it was impossible to get fat. I wanted to gain some weight too, though. For a time, I thought I was too thin and it was so hard for me to gain weight. I’ve tried all that weight gain crap but none worked for me. Yeah, it did practically nothing. As in, zero, nada. Well, at that time, at least.

And then, life happened…


That’s just it- LIFE HAPPENED.

Exactly, 5 years ago, I weighed 95 lbs. If you ask me today, I’d say F you. Haha.

Nah, but kidding aside, I now weigh (OMG, I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM PUTTING THIS UP FOR PUBLIC READING) 110 lbs.

Okay, you might say “that’s not too much!”, or “you’re OA”. But hey, 15 lbs isn’t going away overnight. I am 5 foot and 3 inches, just think about how a 110 lbs. meat packed in that height looks like without pretty clothes on. 🙁 Also, it’s harder to lose than you actually think it is. Plus, when I gained weight, it all went and hung up on all the wrong places. For one, I lost my abs. Two, PATATIM. Three, double chin. 

You see, not all your fat areas are going to get trimmed down by pole dance classes, or cross fit, or the gym. You can’t possibly put on a string with weights to carry with your double chin, right?

My double chin is a mix of all the trash I eat, plus, genes. My mother’s side has this. My uncles, aunts, my mom, my grandmother, my grandfather- all of them have this. Yeap, regardless of age. Check two (2) of my photos below, and you’ll notice my double chin hanging:


I have heard of  Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics before and I didn’t think it would interest me. First, because I thought Shinagawa was only offering Laser treatments. I didn’t bother checking them out.. until I received a newsletter via email. It flashed a photo of a woman, showcasing her lips and down areas and there it said “FACE SLIM”. I immediately thought it involved surgeries. I have nothing against cosmetic surgeries, but if you ask me, I wouldn’t personally go for it. And then just when I was about to close my email’s window, my eyesight turned down and flashed to me what looked like a word that said “non-invasive”. I scrolled down, read a few lines and thought, hey, I just might give this a try. My double chin has been one of my insecurities ever since I gained weight and I didn’t think there was anything wrong with wanting to get rid of it.

My first visit was heaven. I went to Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic Center at the Mezzanine Floor, Tower 2, Enterprise Center, Makati City. For someone who’s not familiar in the Enterprise building like me, it’s quite tricky to find. So for anybody who is interested to pay a visit, just look for BPI at the ground floor, there’s a smaller escalator beside it, the clinic’s signage shall welcome you there.

Maricar was my Aesthetic Consultant, and she was sweet. I feel welcome the second she met me at the reception. It was heaven for me because aside from the fact that I have a thing for sterile-looking places, I’d also been lucky to have been assisted by Maricar.

I waited for a tolerable few minutes, and I was escorted to a private room with Dra. Navalta. Before the procedure, I was checked for any allergies, diseases/ailments, you know, the usual. Next thing I know I was out the door.  My first session took about 5 minutes? Haha. And so was all my other sessions..

 IMG_8677 IMG_8679 IMG_8680 IMG_8681 IMG_8682 IMG_8683 IMG_8684 IMG_8686

FaceSlim is an effective non-invasive treatment that gives the face more defined contours, and in result reveals a smaller and slimmer face. The procedure involved a syringe with about 2-3 ml. of extract from nuts. I swear to all the gods, the injection didn’t feel a thing. I was injected around my double chin about 10 times, and I didn’t cringe at all. Dra. Navalta has the lightest hands, I swear on it.

I’ve had 4 sessions done already, and you can totally tell the difference. I also noticed that every after session, I would feel quite a moisture on my double chin, probably explains the fat being dissolve by the nut extracts.

The thing I really like about Face Slim is mainly the fact that it is non-surgical. Imagine having to enjoy a slimmer and smaller face without any downtime anymore. You don’t have to stay at home and get your surgery healed up for weeks just to feel better about your face now. Plus, it doesn’t cost like a how a surgery would cost you, that in itself is a big plus! I couldn’t be any happier with the results.

To everyone who thinks they’re not going to grow fat in all the wrong places, here’s an unsolicited but friendly advice taken from a colleague: ENJOY WHILE SUPPLIES LASTS.

And to my friends and readers who have been asking about this, here’s a tip: GO FOR IT!


Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics also has another branch at the 21st Floor, Hanston Square Bldg.,#17 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 Philippines.

You can check more of their services through their website, just click here.

For check up and service appointments, you may be in contact directly with Maricar, my Aesthetic Consultant, by sending her an email at morales@shinagawa.ph and or through her mobile number at (0905) 5276 5667.

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