It may feel like sweet human connections don’t always seem to happen everyday. Seeking a way out of this normal mundane, monotonous life through finding sweet connections amongst other human beings we encounter daily could be dreading too. I think, “connection”, or “spark” as some of us would like to call it, happens almost always when we don’t really look for it.

I’ve dated few men to be able to say now that looking for that sweet special connection people call “spark” could only get you so far in the dating game. It could fizzle somewhere along your dating timeline. To me, the real fireworks happen when you get to truly know someone. The real fireworks and butterflies in the stomach are in finding out the details about the person.

When you invest time to get to know somebody you like is when you get to gauge how this person actually makes you feel after all the kickstart chemistry is over.

This is when you might start falling for the person and start feeling the real fireworks because you’re getting to know more about who he is, the little things he does and says. To me, that is when the real spark ignites- when the real sweet connection happens.

Most people spark when they are in love. I think this is what drives our sentimentality. This is when we begin to keep memories, document moments- the first conversation, first date, anything that is an experience worth keeping, which reminds me of Doublemint Gum’s new commercial.

Garnering over 4 million views on Facebook and still counting, the latest Doublemint commercial about Sarah & Juan’s love story has touched the hearts of many Filipinos.

It’s a love story filled with simple gestures of Sarah, offering Doublemint to Juan, and the latter, sketching their moments onto the wrappers. The story of Sarah and Juan has reached through our deepest feelings of finding love through random sweet connections, how both of them really got to know each other, fell and stayed in love through the simplest things. I’ve put the commercial video below for you to watch too:

This April, Doublemint will make this possible through LoveWraps. LoveWraps is your sweetest kilig moments turned into sketches on Doublemint wrappers. Just log in to, upload three pictures that best tell your love story, and voila, your DoublemintLovewraps are ready! If that isn’t enough, the best entries of the promo can win a trip to Boracay, giving a new moment for the winners to share.

LoveWraps will be Doublemint’s most romantic activation to date, which will run from April 17 to May 21, 2017.Visit  now and start sharing!

I would love to be able to share my story one day too. For now, I’d like to wrap this up by saying that I am no expert to this but if there’s one advice I could give to you, it is that you stop looking for “the spark”, but do not be afraid to start something fresh. It shall come your way one day, you won’t even notice it. Just like it did with Sarah and Juan.

Just like it did with mine.

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